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SWAN - Simple Wireless Access Network

Wireless LAN ("WiFi") is available at JKU throughout the entire campus and can be accessed free of charge by university students and personnel. The current coverage is 802.11b and (theoretically) enables a transfer rate of 11 Mbit/s. The WLAN system will be updated within the next few months.

How Do I Access WLAN Services?

To access WLAN at JKU, you must first register your login name to a website.

Access your internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) and enter the address If you use Windows XP, you should access standard network settings on the login page. If this is not the case, please see information below on the most common errors.

Your eDirectory Account Password is your WiFi Password!
If you are university faculty or staff, use your Groupwise login (example: ak101111).
If you are a studentk0655123). You can re-set your password via your Kepler Card at any Service Point terminal on campus (menu heading: "eDirectory Passwort setzen").

Brief technical information via the required network settings on your computer:

  • No WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol)
  • TCP/IP Configuration via DHCP ("automatically refer to IP address", "automatically refer to DNS Server")
  • turn off Proxy Server

The Most Common Errors

Cannot Access WLAN Services "JKU"

Before you check your software configuration, please note that some notebooks have a built in WLAN adapter that must first be activated in the notebook or via a certain key to enable WLAN access!

If your notebook does not automatically pick up the signal at an access point: click the right mouse button in the control strip (right, under the desktop) on "wireless connection" and select "show available wireless connections" (If you see a number of network adapters, you will see more than one connection symbol. According to status, these could be red. Move your cursor over the symbol to see a brief description on the connection status).

In the wireless connection pop-up window, select “JKU” and activate the box "allow connection to wireless network, even if the network is not secure". Then click on "Verbinden" ("connect").

Control Strip

Check the status of your network connection by clicking “wireless connection” using the right mouse button in the control strip and select “status” in the pop-up menu. Click on “properties” ("Eigenschaften") to access network setting in the menu. Select “wireless networks” in the menu.

Status Drahtlose Verbindung

There is no WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) at JKU. Therefore you must disconnect WEP in your configuration (it should already be deactivated by default):

Konfiguration WLAN JKU

If you still cannot connect to the JKU network, it could be the settings in your device driver (there are, for example, device drivers in which you will have to enter the network ID "JKU" by hand), the device driver itself or hardware.

Correct Configuration of the Computer’s TCP/IP Settings

To access JKU’s wireless network, you must configure your laptop so that DHCP may be used ("automatically include IP address", "automatically include DNS server address"). You cannot use a designated IP address. You can adjust this setting in your network connection under "Allgemein" in the Eigenschaften (properties) menu.
If you require a designated IP address for another network, you can enter the address under “alternate configurations”.

Eigenschaften Drahtlose Verbindung

Configuration of Firewall Utilities or (If Necessary), Deactivation

Firewalls (such as Windows XP provided Firewall or ZoneAlarm) are a good way to protect your computer from unwanted “visitors”. By improper configuration it is very easy to “lock yourself out” of the network. This means that if need be you must first deal with the software. Before you contact IM, please check your configuration and test your Firewall by disconnecting it! Please note that IM cannot provide support for the configuration of Firewalls.

To access JKU WLAN, the protocols DNS, DHCP, HTTPS and HTTP must be permitted; the IP address for WLAN Gateways ( must be accessible!

Check Your Settings in Internet Explorer (or an alternate browser)

If you have followed all off the previous instructions and are still experiencing problems accessing the JKU wireless network, as a last resort check your browser settings. Make sure that you have not entered a proxy server. A proxy server would not be accessible before registering in the WLAN network...

If you use Internet Explorer, check to ensure that there are no set switched connections. In Internet Explorer click on Extras - internet options, and select “connections” from the menu (1). Activate "Keine Verbindung wählen" (select no connection) or (if you are still using a modem/ISDN connection), select "Nur wählen, wenn keine Netzwerkverbindung besteht" (select only if there is no network connection)(2). Check your proxy settings(3). Deactivate the proxy server. After changing the settings, close and re-start Internet Explorer.