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IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses

Similar to a mailing address on an envelope, data packets in the internet are assigned IP addresses (sender, receiver). In this way, the receiver can be clearly identified and the data packet can be correctly delivered. Therefore every computer that should be accessible on the internet should have an official, valid IP address.

The Department of Network & Telephone Services ensures that each department and organizational unit at the Johannes Kepler University receives a sufficient number of official IP addresses. Each department and organizational unit should therefore select one technical contact person to manage the address area themselves.

With the official IP address area, personal IP address areas can also be used (if needed, i.e. Firewall). For this purpose, replace the first octet with 10.


If the current need for IPv4 addresses persist and the RIPE decision does not allocate new returned addresses, starting in 2007 there will not be enough IPv4 addresses by 2011. Therefore it is imperative to integrate the newest internet protocol IPv6 in the current network. IPv6 has many design advantages over the current protocol and as well as providing a larger availability of addresses. In addition to JKU’s global connection to IPv6 internet and basic network services required for operations and maintaining infrastructure, in the future all university personnel and students will have several current services available via IPv6.

By request, the Dept. of Network & Telephone Services can install IPv6 as your institute network system. After an individual consultation to review your requests, IPv6 can be easily integrated into your network. IPv4 will, of course, be available in unlimited service.

If you have questions, please contact: