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Mailing Lists

A Mailing List is a centrally managed distribution list for e-mails. When an e-mail is sent to a certain address (i.e. beispiel-l(/\t), this message will be distributed to all subscribers (subscription e-mail addresses).

There are two kinds of mailing lists

  • Newsletter: A newsletter is an electronic bulletin sent in regular intervals to all subscribers by the mailing list creator.
  • Discussion lists: discussion lists provide subscribers opportunites to interact with each other. Contributions to discussion lists are sent to the list and then distributed among all subscribers. In a restricted sense, there are two types of discussion lists; open (in which subscribers can contact each other freely) and closed (each participant and e-mail must first be approved by the list manager).

Applying for a new mailing list

If you require a mailing list, please answer the following questions and send your answers per e-mail to

  • Purpose: Briefly describe what the mailing list will be used for.
  • List Name: approx. 6 - 12 characters. The list name you create should end with -L, i.e. TEST-L, so that it is apparent messages are from a mailing list.
  • List Owner: Name and e-mail address of the list owner (manager). Standard answer: the applicant
  • Confidential: You can inquire as to which lists already exist. If the list is intended to be confidential, then it will not appear in inquiries of this kind. Standard answer: yes
  • Subscription: Who may be allowed to subscribe to this list? Standard answer: everyone
  • Send: Who may contribute to this list? Standard answer: subscribers only
  • Review: Determine who will receive information about this list (subscribers, everyone, list owners). Standard answer: subscribers
  • Notebook: Should contributions be archived? Standard answer: no

If you have any questions, please contact: