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Domain Registration

New Domain

Each institute at JKU is provided with a free subdomain at To register a domain directly under a subdomain or additional subdomain, please contact the manager of Information Management for permission.

To register, Network & Telephone Services requires the following information:

  • New Domain (z.B.
  • Institute / Department / Organizational Unit?
  • Department Head / Department Manager?
  • Purpose?
  • Length of domain use?
  • registration within the domain (z.B. www, host1, ...)?
  • Internal institute webserver or web memory space on the university server?
  • Are mail services ( (...@newdomain) necessary?

Please send this information per e-mail to Your request for permission will be processed. Network & Telephone Services will contact you in regards to further procedures.

If the domain is not available free of charge, IM requires a confirmation of the assumption of costs signed by the department head / department manager in the form of a letter to our administrative offices.

Changes / Additions to the Domain Registration

Changes or additions to the domain registered name to our DNS server is currently only possible by e-mail: If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Network & Telephone Services!