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Printing - Canon Copiers

Students and Staff - Personal Use

Copies for personal use can be paid for using the Quick function on your KeplerCard.
You can print on public PCs as well as your own PC via self-installed print drivers.
Scanned documents will be sent directly to the cardholder's e-Mail address.

Official Copies Using an Institute Copy Card

Official copies for institutes can be made using an institute copy card (click here) for more information. Fees will be invoiced and deducted from the institute account; in order to use the scanning system, an eMail address for the card must be entered. Scans will subsequently be sent to this address.
Copies can be made using publicly accessible PCs printers (in the main campus library, for example) or installing the print driver using the copy card.
Copies cannot currently be made from a standard work station.


Individuals not affiliated with the university can make copies using a Quick Card function. Printing and scanning using Quckcard functions is permitted at the main campus library. Please go to the Circular Desk at the library to obtain a copy card for printing and scanning purposes. Fees for copies can be paid for at the Circular Desk.

FAQ Frequently Ask Questions

  • Where can I access printing services? From the entire campus and student dormitories
  • Where can I pick my copies up? Copies are not stored on one particular copier but rather on the main server. Your copies can be retrieved from any copier. See for a list of color copiers.
  • Where can I access my scanned documents? Scanned documents will be sent electronically to an e-Mail address you provide. Files over 10 MB will be sent in multiple e-mails.
  • Where can I view my available balance (institutes cards and institute account)? Your balance can be viewed under SecurePrint (section for "print services").

Installation Instructions for Windows 7/8/10

Installation Instructions for Windows XP
Note: In Windows XP, larger print jobs may require longer transfer times to the server.

Installation Instructions for Linux
NOTE: Due to a bug, B&W copies cannot be printed on color copiers.

Installation Instructions for Mac OS X
NOTE: Due to a bug, B&W copies cannot be printed on color copiers.