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Family Friendly Services at the JKU

1. familie@hochschule

The Office of Diversity Competence focuses on questions and issues regarding work-life balance, developing work-life projects, and - in cooperation with other departments - creating various employee support measures.

1.1. Audit "hochschuleundfamilie"

The JKU has been reviewed consistently since 2014, focusing on improving conditions for students who have caregiving responsibilities (which includes, among other things, special stipulations regarding course attendance and taking examinations), offering dual career services, creating a créche, developing university generation management, examining models in support of flexible work schedules, providing information to employees about caregiving for close relatives, as well as paternity leave.

1.2. "Stay Connected Services"

 Employees on leave can take part in company in-house courses and workshops for free
 Employees on leave will continue to receive invitations to company outings and/or the annual company Christmas party
 Employees on leave can keep their university e-mail account and continue to have internet access

1.3. Kidsversity - Childcare Services at the JKU

1.3.1. Kidsversity Crèche
The crèche opened its doors on October 1, 2015, providing university employees with childcare services for children between the ages of 1 - 3 years old. The crèche hours are flexible and tailored to employees' needs. The childcare staff supervises, accompanies, and supports the kids by applying the latest educational methods such as gender-sensitive pedagogy and playful introduction to technics. The crèche is operated in conjunction with the OÖ Hilfswerke and adheres to regulations specified under the Upper Austrian Childcare Act.

1.3.2. Kidsversity Flexible Childcare Services
Flexible childcare services are available to all university employees.
The hours are very flexible and tailored to suit parents' needs. The hours are determined based on an assessment conducted each semester. Flexible childcare services are very popular and helpful for students. The OÖ Hilfswerk is also a partner in providing these services.

1.3.3. Holiday Program
During the summer holidays, Kidsversity offers a summer program for children between the ages of 1 - 12 years old. Employees and students who require childcare services in the summer can sign their children up for the summer program.
Children ages 6+ can take part in the summer program that includes workshops on science, exercise, nature and everyday experiences.

1.3.4. Partners
We offer workshop sessions as part of the "Long Night of Research" event, St. Nikolaus party in cooperation with the Austrian Student Union

2. Family-Friendly Facilities on Campus

 Diaper changing tables located in all buildings on campus
 High chairs available at the university cafeteria
 A play corner for children at the Office of Teaching and Study Services

3. Dual Career Services

The JKU actively recruits internationally in order to attract the best minds to the university.
If a professor accepts a position at the JKU, it often means the entire family will move to Linz. These families face issues such as deciding where to live, finding childcare services, finding a local school, understanding the social system, etc. It also means finding career opportunities for a spouse or partner.
We provide individual support services and counseling on these issues.
As the goal is to keep the family for the long term, we aim to help families feels at home in the area and find opportunities available here.