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Audit hochschuleundfamilie

The JKU implements sustainable policies in support of work/life balance, family-friendliness and how to best combine one's job and home life.
In June 2011, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy, Family and Youth awarded the department with the "Audit hochschuleundfamilie" certificate.
The JKU has been reviewing policies since October 2014.

Why is the JKU focusing on the topic of family-friendliness?

We are facing major challenges such as demographic changes, resulting in a shortage of skilled labor. Globalization means an increase in the number of international employees, and there are flexibility issues regarding working times and locations.

Family-friendly policies are an important step towards equal opportunity between women and men. This increases employees' motivation and satisfaction.
The JKU aims to position itself as a modern employer and an attractive location of higher education.

The review procedure focused on the following objectives and measures:
Organizing studies, academics & teaching, work location, managing time off, health & employability, childcare services, nursing care and information and communication.