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General Information on Childcare Facilities

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In-home family daycare services is another, more flexible option for child care. Prices and fees depend mostly on how many hours the child stays and is often determined according to income.

Reserving a Spot and Registering in Advance

Parents can get information on registration procedures either directly at the child care facility or its operating offices (city of Linz, local community service office, parishes, associations, etc.). Please note information on registration deadlines and registration procedures.
Detailed information can be found on the following websites:
Magistrat Linz


Parents are required to pay fees for: only one child younger than 30 months, when the child begins school, and/or for a child not officially residing in Upper Austria.

For more information on the regulation of fees in Upper Austria, please see: Oö. Elternbeitragsverordnung.

Mandatory Kindergarten Attendance

All children residing in Upper Austria are required to attend Kindergarten, particularly the year before entering primary school. This pertains to children who turn five before September 1 until they begin school (and those who will begin school the following year)
See information sheet on mandatory Kindergarten attendance for more information. (German only).