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Leave to Care for Family Member

Nursing Care Leave/Part-Time Leave and Family-Care Leave and Part- Time Family -Care Leave

Family Care Leave and/or Part-Time Care Leave

An option to provide family care and/or part-time family care has been available since 1.1.2014. This is another step towards balancing work/studies and caregiving responsibilities.

Zu beantragen ist das Pflegekarenzgeld beimApply for family care allowance at the/Pflegekarenzgeld_(neu_ab_01.01.2014)">Federal Social Office. The Social Office website contains information such as applications, checklists, sample agreements.

Under certain conditions caregivers can apply to receive a special grant from the Family Care Leave-Hardship Fund.

Leave for Family Hospice Care

Click here for information about taking leave for family hospice care.

Overview Family Care Leave - Part-Time Care Leave - Leave for Family Hospice Care