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The long-term care of a relative can take place over an extended period of time, but can also happen short-term due to unforeseeable or unexpected circumstances. Acquiring all of the information necessary can be time-consuming however, there are many services and resources available for those requiring home nursing care as well as for caregivers. The following is a compilation of services and information available online.

TheSocial Services advice centers located in each Austrian province can provide you with an overview of regional and national offices.

See to find information on nursing care allowance, providing care, home care services, social services, senior citizen and nursing homes, and patient’s provisions.

The Federal Office for Social Services provides information on nursing care allowance, support for relatives providing care, and 24-hour care.

bmask contains a database listing of technical aids for people who are physically-challenged, elderly, or in need of long-term care.

A Caritas brochure published in February 2013 titled "Wissenswertes für pflegende Angehörige" provides a helpful overview of services, requirements, and information to contact government offices.

The website platform for caregivers provides comprehensive information.

Dial 0800/20 16 22 to speak with someone free of charge and confidentially at the Caregiver Hotline – Counseling for Caregivers

For an overview of regional and national assistance, see Social Services Counseling for information in regards to your respective Austrian province.

The "Stammtisch für Pflegende Angehörige" provides a social opportunity to meet monthly with others who also care for a relative at home. There is a large number of meetings held in various Upper Austrian communities.