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Other Available Social Services

Information about Individual Social Services:

Family Counseling

Caritas counseling services also provide socio-psychological counseling, legal advising and online counseling services.

AED - Family Relief Services
Click here for information about family relief services.

Emergency Phone / Alert Devices

Alert devices are a type of alarm system in one's home. In case of emergency, you can connect with emergency services simply by pressing on the alert button. Click here for information on the Red Cross alert system. The Hilfswerk emergency phone can also provide help by pressing the alert button.

Essen auf Rädern (Meals on Wheels)

The company "Mahlzeit Ltd." is a cooperation between social organizations such as Volkshilfe, Red Cross, Samariterbund, Hilfswerk OÖ and offers "meals on wheels" to those who are homebound. Click here for more information.

Mobile Therapy Options

Hilfswerk OÖ and Volkshilfe OÖ offer therapy options in the area of logotherapy, ergotherapy and physical therapy.

Driving Services/Patient Transport

Click here for information about emergency and patient transportation. The Red Cross of Upper Austria also offers first aid services (formerly referred to as patient transport).

Hospice Care

Mobile Hospice Palliative Care provides information on accompanying the dying.

General Services Offered by the City of Linz

The city of Linz has general information offices available to provide information on care and caregiving.