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Caring for Family Members

Providing care for a dependent family member can be quite a challenge.
Illness can occur suddenly and unexpectedly and affected family members often do not know what to do first.

Questions arise such as "When do I need to inform my employer? Am I entitled to special leave? How do I manage taking examinations and attending classes? What kind of care options are there and when am I entitled to receive care allowance?"

Leave to Care for a Family Member

Other Social Services

Financial Support

Care Options
Stationary Care Options
Mobile Care Options
Assisted Living


The Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor has the most up-to-date information about care.

For more information (for general service employees at the Johannes Kepler University) on absence from work in regards to family matters, the university's current collective agreement.

Special leave in cases of important personal and/or family matters is also regulated in contract staff law and in civil service law.