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Brochures, Links and Information to Download

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Childcare Leave

Brochures by the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor "Tips for Parents", the "Timetable for Parents - Important Dates and Entitlements" and additional brochures provide answers to questions regarding pregnancy, birth, parenthood, employment rights, maternity and parental leave up to child care benefits.

Paternity Leave

Click here for detailed information regarding paternity leave.

JKU Brochures on Taking a Leave of Absence

The JKU supports work-life balance for JKU employees and family-friendly policies that help combine work and family responsibilities.
The following brochure provides information on parenting, part-time employement for parents, family sick leave, leave to provide hospice care for a relative, and holiday time.
The brochure also provides an overview of services offered at the JKU that can be used during a leave of absence.

application/pdfLeave of Absence Brochure (3.3 MB, German only)

Study on the Need for Childcare at the JKU

Useful Links and Information Brochures

Brochure "Welcome to Upper Austrian" for Immigrants

Information on financial aid, student aid, etc. is available at the Austrian Student Union Office of Social Service Information Linz.

The Social Reference guide is a useful reference book providing information on social services and guidance/counseling centers in Upper Austria.

Klartext, experts in personal finance skills and financial health provide information and advice in support of recent life changing situations or changes ahead such as setting up a home, beginning studies, family planning and children, etc.