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Paternity Leave - Combining Work & Family Balance for Fathers

See Paternity Leave laws pertaining to legal contingencies.

Click here for additional information provided by the Economic Chamber in regards to procedures, content, and a list of specially trained counselors who can provide information on paternity leave.

Child Benefits and Allowance

When considering whether or not to take paternity leave, the financial aspect is naturally a decisive factor.

There are five different plans in regards to getting child benefits - four package plans and a income related child benefit plan (income replacement plan). The Chamber of Labor can provide information about meeting the requirements, entitlements, and a detailed breakdown of all five plans regarding child benefits.
Legal stipulations regarding child benefit laws.

The Austrian Ministry for Family and Youth has created comparative child benefit/allowance calculator to help you decide which child benefit plan is the best for you.

---> See Beihilfe zum Kinderbetreuungsgeld for supplementary information about the laws pertaining to childcare benefits as well as information about child care allowance.

Links to Helpful Information

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