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The symphonic University Orchestra was established 30 years ago. Christian Radner (*1983) of Upper Austria has led the orchestra since 2008, expanding it and leading the orchestra into a new era. Over 50 musicians – including (former) JKU professors, students, alumni and music loving Upper Austrians - meet regularly to rehearse. The orchestra plays three to four symphony concerts a year, provides musical accompaniment for official ceremonies and special occasions at the university, and at the annual University Ball, the orchestra serves as a “cultural symbol” and ambassador of the JKU.

We – meaning a majority of enthusiastic amateurs and music hobbyists as well as a few “professionals” - have studied music formally at the neighboring Anton Bruckner Private University plus others who are music teachers in the region. We meet weekly for fun-filled rehearsals and the orchestra plays some of the most interesting pieces in musical history ranging from the classics, pop & rock to young contemporary composers.

Is this something I might be interested in? Absolutely! We would like to take this opportunity to invite anyone who plays a symphony orchestra instrument to attend one of our rehearsal sessions and learn more about who we are.

What do I get out of it? In addition to spending time with a great community of like-minded music enthusiasts, it is a lot of fun and a creative way for JKU students to earn ECTS credit as well as ideally combine studies and recreational interests.

Interested? Learn more about the orchestra, concerts, playing along, etc. at:  (Neues Fenster)