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USI LINZ – University SPORTS Institute at the JKU


Our classes are non-binding and primarily designed for university students, faculty, staff and alumni (this includes students, faculty, staff and alumni of universities of applied sciences), as well as Matura class secondary school students (students must be of full legal age).
In addition to focusing on athletic aptitudes and skills, we would also like to draw attention to the social and wellness aspects of courses we offer.
We not only offer courses in the area of “standard sports”, but also a number of currently popular, enjoyable and “fun” courses as well as courses geared to personal wellness and general overall well-being.

Our fitness studio (which includes weight, exercise and cardio machines) is located in the Student Center at the Julius Raab Heim, Julius-Raab-Str. 10 (the entrance can be found to the left of the USI Office) and is available for use during the entire semester.

In addition to well organized exercise classes and courses, we organize a series of championships, competitions and tournaments for all sports levels.

Professional athletes of all disciplines are asked to stop by and register at the USI office as there are opportunities to participate in all Austrian Academic Championships and other student sporting events, including world championships.

We are also available to address any institute specific requests, problems, grievances.........
Please feel free to contact the USI director and make an appointment.


Track & field athlete Verena PREINER, a student at the JKU majoring in Teacher Education Studies (Mathematics and Biology), won GOLD for the heptathlon in Taipei at the UNIVERSIADE 2017.