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International Stays Abroad

Internationalization is not just a buzzword at JKU. In fact, every third JKU graduate has had the opportunity to study abroad. You too can benefit from spending time abroad and take advantage of the JKU's excellent international contacts which have been cultivated with partners over the years. There are are numerous options and you may even be eligible to receive financial aid from the JKU for the following:

  • Academic Student Exchange Programs at one of over 200 partner universities around the world
  • Academic Stays Abroad to work on your Diploma degree, Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation
  • International Internships (during studies or after graduation)
  • Intensive Language Courses
  • Summer School Programs
  • Post-Graduate Study Abroad (MBA, MSc, LLM, PhD, etc.)

A stay abroad is not only a valuable enrichment for your personal life, but an invaluable head start on your prospective career. And, last but not least – it’s so much fun! Read the feedback we have received from our students who have studied abroad:

"I cannot begin to find words that describe my study abroad experience - it is something you have to have experienced for yourself. I would recommend it to everyone. If you ever get the chance to study abroad make sure you take advantage of it."

“The variety of impressions I collected during my stay abroad are almost indescribable. It is difficult to imagine exactly what it is like to turn your back on your homeland for a short or long while in order to make your way off into the world! But one thing is certain: If you do dare to take that step, you are guaranteed an absolutely valuable and enriching time.”

“All in all, this term abroad was the most wonderful semester of my entire course of study. I substantially improved my knowledge of English and found friends from around the globe. The experience aroused my interest in other countries. Initially I suffered from a bout of homesickness. Now I can imagine myself living abroad, whereas before this I was rather sceptical and averse to it. Apart from a whole new enhanced view of the world, my self-confidence was also improved and in general, I definitely grew as a person.”

“I had so many valuable experiences, got to know many people, discovered a new culture, learned a new language, travelled through a beautiful country, and above all I learned a lot about myself, about my strengths and weaknesses and what I am capable of doing, if only I so desire. In the first weeks it was not always easy to handle everything, but I did not let anything get me down. All of the problems or difficulties I faced could be solved.”

“This five-month experience abroad taught me more about the world than I had learned in my entire life. In Finland, on the edge of Europe I could look out onto the world. In many concerns it was an eye opening experience for me. Oftentimes my constricted perspective became clear to me, I learned to reorient my opinion, and in addition, I became conscious of my own points of view on various issues. I likewise discovered my desire to travel and learn more about other cultures. I also gained the friendship of people from many parts of Europe, with whom I plan to stay in contact with for a long time.
At the end of the journey, you return with so many new experiences, adventures and impressions, which shape you and open up new perspectives to you. I would not want to have missed this half year abroad, it was a beautiful time.”

Please see International Stays Abroad for more information.