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Internship/Placement Abroad

Would you like to acquire work experience abroad? Students can take advantage of numerous opportunities to gain valuable work experience during and after studies.
IMPORTANT: With some imagination and personal initiative, you can also obtain an internship spot or voluntary position at an embassy, offices at various organizations (GO's and NGO's), political parties, chambers (Labor, Engineers, Commerce, (for example, in Brussels) as well as at an internationally active company. You are only limited by your imagination!

There are many reasons to pursue an internship abroad :

  • An internship position will enhance your resume.
  • You can complete one (or more) internships in addition to spending a semester studying abroad.
  • You can use an internship as a basis or source of information for your Diploma degree/Master's thesis or dissertation (please consult with your supervisor).
  • An internship can be a stepping stone and provide job experience to access to your dream job. Just before graduating, or immediately after graduation, you should consider submitting internship applications to pursue a position your chosen field.
  • Whereas an internship may not make you rich, internships provide valuable work experience and some financial support is available (such as z.B. Erasmus, see: scholarships).

Here is an overview of various jobs/voluntary positions/internships (not yet complete!).

Tuition Fee Waiver
Students who complete an internship abroad pay no tuition fees for that semester if the internship lasts at minimum of 14 days.

Internship/Traineeship in Europe – EU Programme Erasmus+

Are You Looking for Financial Support to Complete an International Internship in Europe?

  • for one or more traineeships/internships/placements from 2 to 12 months
  • for students
  • and recent graduates (for the application you must still be registered and enrolled in studies)
  • in EU and associated countries
  • receiving organisations/institutions for traineeships can be any public or private organisations and companies active in the labour market

The same student may receive grants to study or work abroad totalling up to 12 months maximum per each cycle of study (Bach./Master/Doc). There are special regulations for Diploma degree programs.

Information and application for an Erasmus Placement Grant: JKU International Office, Ms. Esther Wöckinger (esther.woeckinger(at)
Please contact me even before you apply for an internship/placement!
Please note: Due to problems with the visa application process, students who require a visa cannot apply for an internship in the UK.

Zur Online Bewerbung  (Neues Fenster) Select "Forms": "Erasmus Internship: Scholarship Application"
Europass CV  (Neues Fenster)

See the chart below to view the exact Erasmus study grant amount per month for the 2017/2018 academic year:



€ 400

Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary

€ 400

Belgium, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Cyprus

€ 450

Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden

General Information on the Erasmus+ Programme

Student Organizations

These student led organizations offer internship opportunities around the world:


Current Jobs in the Vienna Newspaper “Wiener Zeitung”:
International Jobs incl. internships, traineeships

EU Internships

Europe - Work for the EU - Traineeships

Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria -
EU JOB Information

Europabüro des Landes OÖ

European Commission:
European Parliament:

You can organize an internship on your own, i.e. by contacting an European Parliament elected official (use contact information from above).

UNO Internships

United Nations

Information Services of the United Nations in Vienna;

German Language Assistance Program

1) For students and graduates in all fields of study: Each year, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture accepts applications from students and graduates in all area of studies (teacher education studies preferred) who would like to spend a year abroad as a foreign language teaching assistant. Students and graduates would teach German at a secondary school and provide support for German language teachers at their host school. ("Deutsch Native Speaker").
Please see: for more information and application procedures.

2) For Students and Graduates in all areas of studies: Fulbright German Language Teaching Assistantship

Teach Abroad

BMB - Teach and Learn Abroad

Additional Links:

The following links are only a part of the many opportunities that are available. The International Office does not guarantee the quality and reliability of the provider.