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ERC Grants

--> Current Information on the "ERC-European Research Council" in Intranet (access for JKU employees only): Information and materials on ERC grants (submission tips, ERC grants at the JKU,..) are available in Intranet, Research Support.

European Research Council - ERC

The program for the pilot research project "IDEAS" was introduced in the context of the 7th Framework Program (2007) and funded base-knowledge pioneer research in all research topics under the direction of the European Research Council. It will be continued under the category "Excellent Science" within the H2020 programme.
The program is geared towards supporting outstanding knowledge-based research "at the frontiers of knowledge" and is open to all subject areas and disciplines.
In support of evaluations, applications will be divided into three areas and 1-2 specific panels.

  1. Physical Sciences and Engineering, PE
  2. Life Sciences, LS
  3. Social Sciences and Humanities, SH

ERC Starting Grant

Funding for independent junior researchers of all nationalities who have 2-7 years of experience after completing a doctorate degree (or equivalent academic degree) and those with promising scientific track records.
Funding of up to € 2 million, 5-year term, evaluation criteria: see annual call "wissenschaftliche Exzellenz".

Additional information on the ERC Starting Grant  (Neues Fenster) (ERC website)

ERC Consolidator Grant

This grant provides financial support for junior researchers/scientists to pursue a career conducting more independent and autonomous research. This should allow young, talented researchers who have new ideas and dynamics to conduct cutting-edge research in Europe.
Funding for independent junior researchers of all nationalities who have 7-12 years of experience after completing a doctorate degree (or the equivalent academic degree) and those who have a promising scientific track record.
Excellent research proposal, funding of up to €2,75 million per project, 5-year term, evaluation criteria includes scientific excellence, annual call.

ERC Advanced Grant

For established, leading scientists/researchers to pursue new, ambitious approaches to research. An ERC Advanced Grant has been designed to support researchers who are already independent and established.
Research fields include all areas of science, technology and academia.
A submission to be Prinicipal Investigator for an Advanced Grant does not require a doctorate degree but most certainly an outstanding profile ("Koryphae").
Funding per project: up to €3.5 million, 5-year term, annual call.

Additional information on the ERC Advanced Grant  (Neues Fenster) (ERC website)

ERC Proof of Concept

Introduced in March 2011, this initiative is aimed primarily at researchers, scientists or academics who have already been awarded an ERC Starting Grant or ERC Advanced Grant. At the time of the "ERC Proof of Concept" call, this project must still be active and/or concluded no longer than 12 months prior. Ideas stemming from the project should transferable to fields of innovation, creating a clear link to the current ERC project.

Additional information on the ERC Proof of Concept  (Neues Fenster) (ERC website)

ERC Synergy Grants

The ERC first introduced the pilot program "ERC Synergy Grants" in 2012 aimed at small groups of two to four "principal investigators" (PI) and their teams. The idea was to bring together complementary skills, knowledge and resources to jointly address research problems "to the extent of one's knowledge" in such a way that would not be possible for each individual PI alone. The project's added value must be clearly documented and comprehensible.

Additional information on the ERC Synergy Grant  (Neues Fenster) (ERC website)