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Regional Funding Programs

--> Current Calls & Information available in Intranet (access for JKU employees only): Calls and information as well as info sessions we would like to highlight in particular are available at: Intranet, Research Support.

Upper Austrian Government

Innovative Upper Austria 2020 - The Strategic Economic and Research Program, 2014 - 2020

Getting Upper Austria Ready for Global Competition - Strengthening Upper Austria's dynamic to become a location of innovation. The program includes over 100 top level representatives in business, sciences and administration. The program's strategic objectives for 2020 were developed in close cooperation with the Upper Austrian Council for Research and Technology.

Core Strategies

  • Site Development
  • Industrial Leadership
  • Internationalization
  • Future Technology

Derived from developments in European research policy and technological core competencies, these five fields of action build on these core strategies and define areas of smart specialization.

Fields of Action

  • Industrial Processes
  • Energy
  • Health/Ageing Society
  • Food/Nutrition and
  • Mobility/ Logistics
Innovative Upper Austria 2020  (Neues Fenster)

Upper Austrian Program in Support of "Research, Teaching and Internationalization" at the Johannes Kepler University Linz

Funded by the state of Upper Austria, the program (end of 2014) was an initiative by Mag. Doris Hummer (Upper Austrian State Minister for Education, Science and Research, Women and Youth) in conjunction with the JKU to fund achievements in research and teaching at the JKU and increase visibility.

B) Funding for Stays Abroad

You can apply for B) at any time.
Details for B) Funding Stays Abroad
For academic staff (young scientists) at the JKU financed by the JKU Global Budget. In support of stays abroad for up to 3 months (also if going on a sabbatical).
The amount of funding is a max. of € 1,000/month for a maximum of 3 months.
There is subsidy available in the max. amount of € 500 per child, per month for those who have children requiring care.
(The Upper Austrian government's maximum amount of funding is € 25,000 per academic year).

Homepage - Upper Austrian Government  (Neues Fenster) (Please Note: At the moment you can only apply for B). Application and guidelines available)

--> Additional Information about FLI Programs are available in Intranet, Research Support (access for JKU employees only).
Contact and Information at the JKU: Research Support, Gabriela Küng

Matching Funds Model in Cooperation with the Austrian Science Funds (FWF)

"Matching Funds" are defined as a form of complementary funding for research initiatives. For each Euro invested by a federal state, the FWF will match that Euro with national foundation funds.
The "Matching Funds" model allows the Upper Austrian government to support research projects in accordance with state-specific strategy as part of the "Innovatives Oberösterreich 2020" program which is quality tested by the FWF's competitive selection process.
Applications submitted by junior researchers (less than 8 years since receiving a doctorate degree) and female project managers in the following categories: individual projects, Lise Meitner, Hertha Firnberg, Elise Richter, PEEK and KLIF, with "very good" evaluation results but cannot be completed due to lack of budget resources or budget cuts have good chances of receiving funding from this program.

Detailed Information  (Neues Fenster) (Intranet, Research Support; access for JKU employees only)

"Expanding Horizon" - Upper Austria Initiation Funding for H2020 Projects

NEW beginning June 1, 2016
Funding for program coordinators from Upper Austria (Companies and R&D - Organizations) who submit to the H2020 program.
Partial compensation for internal expenses and the costs of an external evaluation.
Stage 1 (up to €10,000): Requirements include a claim and proof of a professional external funding advice (proposal check). At the time of submitting the application, the application must refer to a concrete open call in the H2020 program.
Stage 2 (additional funding in the amount of max. €15,000): After submitting a complete H2020 proposal (note: confirmation of submission) and a review that confirms the proposal quality. At the time of submitting the application, the application must refer to a concrete open call in the H2020 program. After receiving the evaluation results, applicants have up to one month to submit additional documentation to the government funding office (complete proposal, H2020 evaluation results.

Upper Austrian Government - Expanding Horizon  (Neues Fenster) (Details available on the Upper Austrian Gov't website)

Research Funding in Upper Austria for Approved Research Projects in the FFG Basis Program

Research projects by applicants located in Upper Austria will be funded as long as the research is conducted in Upper Austria. FFG application guidelines apply. Apply to the FFG. Decisions rendered by the FFG. FFG funding will increase up to 70% for recognized project costs from funds by OÖ. Forschungsförderung.

Grant of Excellence by the Upper Austrian Government for Invitations to International Scientists/Academics

The Upper Austrian government has made funds available to the Vice Rector of International Affairs at the JKU to support hosting renowned international scientists/academics at the JKU for a minimum 2-week period. The guest is required to hold a two-hour weekly university course in English. Contact the International Office for information.

Detailed Information  (Neues Fenster) (Intranet, International; access for JKU employees only)

City of Linz

Science Funding - Priority Programs Offered By the City of Linz  (Neues Fenster) (The city of Linz has organized a program that not only provides funding for scientific research projects that would benefit the city of Linz, but also in support of projects that encourage and enhance information exchange between researchers and academics.)

International Academy Traunkirchen

Resident Fellow Program  (Neues Fenster) (For scientists/academics from around the world in all subject areas: The Academy provides an infrastructure and premises.)