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Services, Checklists and Tips: From Idea to Project

--> "Workflow Research Projects, Glossary, Guide to EU Projects (H2020, FP7, Erasmus+)" in Intranet (access for JKU employees only): Compiled JKU-related information designed to support the application and processing of third-party funded projects. Information will be continually updated and is available in Intranet, Research Support.

Business Upper Austria, Research & Innovation Funding (Formerly known as CATT)

Formerly known as CATT, the team at Business Upper Austria, Research & Innovation Funding offers free consultation services for companies and research institutions.

Business Upper Austria, Funding for Research & Innovation  (Neues Fenster) (incl. Funding Update for national/regional and international calls)

It All Starts with an Idea

An advisable approach would be to incorporate the project’s goal within the reasons for the project. Based on this “creative idea”, present the processes that would then materialize the idea. The JKU is involved in many cooperation efforts - both in Austria and abroad - that can include our researchers' participation. In addition to a project's content development, important elements of a successful project include consistent documentation and constant review in regards to costs and the project schedule.

Searching for Research Funding

  • Will the funding be used to fund the activities of someone in particular, such as a research stay abroad or is there a concrete research goal / issue / research project in the foreground?
  • What is the topic?
  • Will the project be developed within a team, individually, interdisciplinary within the university, or together with an additional partner (from Austria or abroad) in science, business, education, or in the community?

Your responses will determine important aspects in selecting from a multitude of available programs.

The Next Step: Checklist for Concrete Funding Programs

  • Is there a funding topic? If yes, which essential areas correspond to the project objectives (this can often be used to complete the section of the application regarding project structure and content).
  • What are the submission conditions: who can submit what materials and when is the deadline? Does the individual researcher formally submit an application or does it have to be a university institute (liability)? Application address and materials - most applications are to be completed and submitted electronically.
  • How feasible is it to be awarded funding?
  • What is expected in return for funding (reports, publications, cooperation efforts, ...)?
  • Will the entire project be funded or is it expected that the university (or other partners) assume a part of the costs?
  • How is the budget put together? Will overhead costs (university resources used for the project or costs to the university due to the project) be covered?
  • Is there funding available for all project costs from beginning to end or will intermediate funding be required to complete the project?

Project Preparation - Creating a Budget and Contract Negotiations

Project preparation includes creating a budget and, in regards to contract negotiations, working out detailed information on behalf of the JKU. Such as:

  • How high are the costs to add a new team member to the project?
  • What must be taken into consideration?
  • How high are the personnel costs for researchers already employed at the JKU?
  • How will the financial details be handled?
  • ... and more ...

Project Support / Control / Documentation: "... Ready, Steady, Go ..."

Once a project begins, the most exciting part is then research and development.
In addition to the scientific and academic "challenge", it is also very important to keep comprehensive documentation and receive administrative support during all project activities. It is not only important to manage the project's content and the corresponding financial aspect, but also to compile materials needed to write interim and final reports.
Individual work packets are often provided in order to document the project's content in a timely manner. Each of these packets defines project goals, intended corresponding activities, and interim research results. They refer to each individual project partner and the project plan describes corresponding activities as well as financial terms and conditions.