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Master's Degree- / PhD-Program abroad

After completing academic studies in Austria, Master's degree programs at universities abroad can provide an additional dimension of hands-on education. Enrolling in a graduate or post graduate degree program can lead to the conferral of an additional academic degree, such as an MBA (Masters of Business Administration), LL.M. (Master of Law) or M.Sc. (Master of Science) degree. In general, enrollment in these kinds of programs abroad is often associated with high tuition fees.

Ph.D. degree programs (doctorate programs), approximately three to five years in length, provide additional solid academic and scientific education and sometimes the host university will provide financial aid.

If you are interested in attending a graduate or post-graduate program abroad after completing your academic studies at JKU, we recommend starting your preparations 1 ½ to 2 years in advance, before the intended date to begin the program (language preparation, scholarships and grants, application process at the host university, etc.)