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International Experience and Funding for Graduates

Funding and financial aids for graduates interested in study and internship programs abroad is also available. Please note the individual program requirements.
- Does your academic degree (Bachelor, Diploma degree, Master's degree) fulfill the stated requirements?
- Do you have to apply for financial aid or begin the program abroad within a certain time period after completing your university degree?

You can find comprehensive information on study/research stays abroad, internships abroad, etc. at Österreichische Austauschdienst ÖAD. You can access their complete databank at Please pay particular attention to the scholarships offered by individual states or organizations. We also recommend that you take advantage of career services and counseling offered by the Kepler Society.

If you are still enrolled at JKU as a student, such as in a PhD program, the same information applies. You can, for example, participate in an exchange program. Moreover, several programs offer financial support for research stays abroad and welcome PhD students currently working on their dissertations. You can find more information about this by clicking on the respective item in the menu.