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Electrician (Systems and Industrial Engineering)

You will have a good grip of electricity when completing the apprenticeship program to become an electrician. You will have the opportunity to plan electric and electricial equipment yourself that you will assemble, maintain and repair. You will also be challenged by learning how to handle heavy and low-current systems. You will learn in detail and step-by-step how to handle these systems and soon you will be able to create your own electrical systems with control cabinets, power rails, and cable. An important aspect is, of course, learning to maintain the system and repair any malfunctions. Working with electricity also requires learning important work standards, safety regulations, environmental standards, and quality standards.

What you need: In addition to being naturally drawn to machine, having technical knowledge is also important. Above all, you should have the ability to focus and concentrate and also be safety-aware. If you also have the ability to think logically and analytically, the you have the skills to become a good electrical engineer!

Apprenticeship Period: 3.5 years