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Lab Technician

Lab Technician (Chemistry)

Almost everything in life is chemistry - even life itself. As a laboratory technician you will carry out chemical and physico-chemical studies and conduct exciting experiments. You will use a microscope to examine chemicals such as acids, but also living organisms. You will conduct research on the properties of plastics, paints, varnishes, and food stuffs. You will also develop, prepare, and carry out your own experiments. You will take samples, analyze substances and draft reports about your findings. You will learn how to use chromatography equipment, vacuum filters, and UV analyzers in order to discover, for example, the pH values in a liquid substance, etc.

What you need: As a laboratory technician you will learn to take systematic approaches. You should have good observation and mathematical skills as well as be able to think logically. Hygiene and safety awareness is also very important as you will handle partly dangerous materials such as acids. But don't worry, during the program you will be taught exactly how to deal with dangerous substances.

Apprenticeship Period: 3.5 years