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Media Professional

Media Professional (Media Design and Media Technology)

Have you always wanted to design a newspaper or magazine yourself? Then this program to become a media professional is perfect for you. Here you will draft and edit templates in the fields of print, multi-media and online areas. You will learn to use image processing and lay-out programs as well as animated software in order to cater to your clients' wishes. As a media professional you will also be asked to monitor production and control the quality of results. You will work in a team along with programmers, multimedia project managers and online editors. In the end, the print media has to look exactly the way you promised your client it would.

What you need: Organizational skills and IT knowledge are, of course, very important. It is just as important, however, to be focused and possess some creativity. As you will develop products together with clients, you must also be able to argue well and have a feel for what the client wants.

Apprenticeship Period: 4 years