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Physics Lab Technician

Physics Laboratory Technician

Physics lab technicians are always searching for the core of something. As a lab technician in physics, you will prepare physical experiments in the research labs, independently conduct experiments, and evaluate the findings. You will examine materials to discover their composition and properties. You will use various machines and equipment such measuring instruments (a voltmeter, microwave, and an ampermeter). You will also learn how to create logs, tables, and charts. In short, you will learn everything you need to know about analyzing an object's physical properties. You will also learn how to document and archive your data, findings, and your studies.

What you need: Accuracy and precision is vital to your work. You should also be able to think logically and analytically and be able to concentrate, focus, and possess good coordination skills. With a little technical knowledge and IT experience, you will be able to conduct amazing physical experiments.

Apprenticeship Period: 3.5 years