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What Can Be Expected as Part of an Apprenticeship at the JKU

Welcome Day
The annual "Welcome Day" program for apprentices and their parents will take place at the beginning of September. Here you will get to know fellow apprentices and learn about what program they will be doing. You will also learn many interesting facts about where you will be working, the JKU, and you will have your first class on legal topics pertaining to operations at the JKU.

Internal HR Development Classes
Internal HR development classes are a big part of your apprenticeship program as they give you an opportunity for personal development. You can learn how to deal with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, learn social skills to be able to work together in a team environment, and learn advanced writing skills, business management, and telephone skills. You can improve your English language skills, learn to solve problems and resolve conflicts, learn more about first aid procedures, and employee protection. We also support individual training classes and coaching sessions.

Rotations are a mandatory part of the program in order to introduce you to other departments and institutes. This will give you a broader education and a good overview of operations at the JKU. You can broaden your horizons and learn new work procedures as well as meet new colleagues. Rotations add variety to your working day.
Youth Representative Council
The Youth Representative Council (Jugendvertrauensrat (JVR)) represents your interests in economic, social, health, and cultural interests. JVR can help you and provide support or assitance if you or one of your apprentice colleagues has a problem, they organize daytrips and excursions, and they are committed to addressing your concerns.

Apprentices can earn a one-time bonus in recognition of outstanding performance at vocational school or for results of the apprenticeship examination. Strong achievements and dedication should be rewarded!

Meals for Apprentices
A special lunch is held for apprentices several tims a year at the Kepler Restaurant, giving you an opportunity to meet and talk with fellow apprentices in a casual and relaxed setting. You will receive an invitation by the Dept. of Human Resource Development. We look forward to seeing you there!

University Cafeteria Discount
You are eligible to get a discount of €1.50 when purchasing meals at the university cafetera (the Mensa) as well as a discount at other (designated) eateries on campus.