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Influence through Expertise: Prof. Schneider is Among the Most Influential Economists

Prof. Schneider
Often tackling topics no one else wants to take on, Prof. Friedrich Schneider (Institute of Economics, Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz) is an expert who often makes waves researching less explored fields such as corruption and illegal employment. A comprehensive ranking created by the newspaper “Presse” together with the renowned “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” newspaper and the “NZZ” even consider Prof. Schneider as one of Austria’s most influential economists. In German-speaking Europe, Prof. Schneider is ranked 7th, up over 16 spots from last year.

His cautionary warnings can sometimes be politically uncomfortable but he gets his message across. He openly criticizes worn structures in politics and the economy, calling for new approaches in social partnership as well as providing new suggestions to deal illegal employment. Prof. Schneider believes there is a high need for action: “We are on a dangerous path and today’s policies are ignoring many social ills.” For example, the state is losing approximately 800 million Euros annually in VAT tax fraud alone – “… in this case, stronger administration could bring the state massive funds.” Prof. Schneider is pleased with the ranking results but not overly excited. “Naturally this is great recognition for my work as well as the expertise and importance of the Institute for Economics at the JKU but I would be happier if there were more ‘competition’ by other researchers also tackling these sensitive issues.”

Rating Practical Significance
The rankings evaluated the economists’ resonance in the media as well as their effect on policy and research. With 352 points in the overall ranking, Prof. Schneider not only ranks 7th in German-speaking countries, he is also the only Austrian ranked in the Top 50.

[Christian Savoy, Translation: N. Lichtenberger]