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Alles rund um den SciencePark




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Di 16.01.2018 10:00Auslandsstipendien: Ein Überblick Welche Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten für Auslandsaufenthalte gibt es?
Informationsveranstaltung für Studierende
Di 16.01.2018 11:00Summer Schools und Sprachkurse im Ausland Infoveranstaltung für Studierende
Di 16.01.2018 11:30Auslandspraktikum Infoveranstaltung für Studierende
Di 16.01.2018 17:15Prof. Dr. Yann Garcia: Thermo, piezo and photo-switchable coordination polymers and hybrid nanomaterials Iron(II) spin crossover (SCO) complexes continue to attract a great deal of interest,[1,2] due to their potential technological applications, for instance as pressure sensors.[3] SCO nanomaterials have emerged as an appealing class of materials considering nanostructuration processes and size reduction effects.[4] Although sophisticated techniques can be used for the preparation of SCO nanoparticles, we have introduced a botanic biomembrane as a soft and green support for deposition of SCO micro and nanocrystals, which were used for transfer printing on various solid inorganic supports.[5] More recently, we investigated the SCO properties of a hybrid nanomaterial made of MCM-41 and selected 1D Fe(II) 1,2,4-triazole coordination polymers.[6] This later class of SCO materials, whose spin states can be switched by light,[7] afforded recently the example of this substance class to display a thermally induced two-step spin conversion.[8] This compound was discovered in!
the fram
e of our investigation of a new range of porous metal organic frameworks including 1,2,4-triazole ligands built from amino acids building blocks.[9] Within this family, we recently isolated a 1D SCO chain switching at room temperature with a wide bistability domain of 60 K, which will be discussed in detail.[10] We will also report on a mononuclear iron(II) neutral high-spin complex which was screened for sensing abilities for a series of hazardous chemicals. Interestingly, the complex visually detects methanol among alcohols and hydrochloric acid among other acids. The sensing process, which involves an unexpected spin state change for the methanol case, is visually detectable, fatigue-resistant, selective, and reusable.[11] Recent developments on the use of a new range of thermochromic and photochromic molecular switches, based on N-salicylidene aniline, operating in the solid state will also be highlighted.[12]

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FNRS (PDR) is thanked for funding support.
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