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Competence Centers of the Faculty for Social Sciences, Economics and Business

Competence Center for Knowledge Management

The university center for Knowledge Management at the Faculty for Social Sciences, Economics and Business was founded in 2001. The center serves as an interdisciplinary platform of cooperation addressing the topic of Knowledge Management and aimed at interested participants from areas of science and business.

The center seeks to facilitate the flow of communication and cooperation in present areas knowledge ranging from research in areas of business as well as discuss existing problems in business for research purposes.

The Center coordinates and supports the following activities regarding information exchange in the area of Knowledge Management:

  • Colloquia
  • Workgroups (monthly meetings in small groups to discuss topics in-depth)
  • Workshops (interlinked workgroup meetings to support information exchange)
  • Conferences
  • Knowledge Proposals regarding Knowledge Management to implement in practice.

Competence Centers at JKU

  • Center for Global University Cooperations (homepage under construction)