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Personal Development Program Market-Oriented International Business

Program Objectives:
The program is aimed at professionals who wish to expand their base level knowledge of strategic and operative aspects in international business and further explore academic state-of-the-art knowledge and practical solutions that can be applied to real-world situations. Program participants examine concepts, methods and tools which will enable them to skillfully and competently meet the increasing demands of international business today.

Marketing and market-oriented approaches in international business are a core part of the program reflecting the conviction that conveying and supporting a customer’s consequent thinking (outside-in perspective) is significant to a businesses’ competitive position.

The program has been designed so students have the option to select courses according to individual preferences.

The program combines structural and application oriented integration in order to help students link the content of individual courses within the program.

The program includes “blended learning” approaches in which e-Learning methods support and complement on-site classes sessions. These approaches have been designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the students’ learning processes.

During individual on-site classes, contributions by experienced managers provide students with opportunities to critically reflect on the subject material and how to apply material learned in class to real-world situations.

Admission Requirements:
(1) Prerequisites for admission to the program include official certification for admission to a university as well as a minimum of two years of work experience in the program’s area. More qualified applicants in the field will be given preference.
(2) Applicants without the minimum number of years of professional work experience as stated above in (1) may be considered for admission if he/she has successfully completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Diploma degree in a related subject area.
(3) Applicants must have a minimum proficiency of English at a high school level and be able to easily following a class held in English as well as complete corresponding written work in English. During the interview process, applicants will be subject to an English test to determine if proficiency is sufficient for admission to the program.
(4) Upon recommendation by the program’s Academic Director, the decision in regards to admission will be rendered by the Vice Rector for Teaching.
(5) In order to begin a new program, a minimum number of participants is required. Admission will become official once the minimum number has been attained.

Post Graduate Program: Market-Oriented International Business
Degree Awarded: Akademische Exportkauffrau or Akademischer Exportkaufmann (Academic Export Merchandiser)
Length: 3 semesters

New program begins: no more program scheduled