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Graduate Degree Program in Real Estate Finance

Program Objectives:
Increasing globalization and the growing wealth associated with globalization have boosted the importance of the real estate sector within the economy; an example is the ongoing process for the Austrian real estate market to "catch up" to a western European level. Whereas the real economic components within the Austrian real estate industry are adequately covered by corresponding educational programs, higher level (university) academic education is missing in the important field of real estate financing. The program aims to improve managerial skills to successfully address crucial management issues pertaining to real estate financing and therefore actively strengthen the real estate sector's competitive position.

The academic program in Real Estate Finance is aimed at managers in the real estate industry, those at real estate departments at banks and at insurance companies as well as those with the authorities. Students acquire academic-based knowledge and skills to successfully handle complex financial issues that arise in the field of real estate management. Students will learn the fundamentals of economics and business administration, corporate finance, financial mathematics and other related areas of law (corporate and tax law, real estate law) as well as the fundamentals of trusteeships, facilities management and real estate appraisal. This is followed by an in-depth look at topics in real estate financing (mortgages, mortgage bonds, incorporated real estate companies, real estate leasing, etc.) as well as financial issues that arise during the course of real estate development projects.

The knowledge of these instruments, their relationships, the theoretical rationale and particularly the targeted use of these tools are not to be underestimated and are of a competitive advantage. This supports Austria as a location of business, particularly the state of Upper Austria.

The post-graduate program in Real Estate Finance is aimed at:

  1. Graduates of universities and universities of applied sciences
  2. Senior staff in the real estate industry as well as in relevant departments at banks, insurance companies as well as in the public sector
  3. Independent real estate agents (real estate agents, real estate appraisers)

The program is mainly didactic ensuring that theoretical knowledge is linked to actual practices, allowing students to directly apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Admission Requirements
(1) Applicants applying for admission to the program must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma degree or a comparable degree program and show proof of at least one year of professional experience in the field.

(2) Applicants who do not meet the academic prerequisites as stated in Sec. 1 may be admitted if open spots are available in the program and if the applicant can show documented proof of comparable qualifications such as a minimum of two years of professional work experience in the field (including unfinished studies and/or short continual education programs).

(3) Applicants admitted to the program in accordance with Sec. 2 may only make up a maximum of 50% of the total number of admitted students.

(4) More qualified applicants in the field will be given preference. The final decision will be rendered by the Vice Rector of Teaching upon recommendation of the program’s Academic Director.

(5) In order to begin a new program, a minimum number of participants is required. Admission will become official once the minimum number has been attained.

Post-Graduate Program: Real Estate Finance
Degree Awarded: "Master of Business Administration (Real Estate Finance)", abbrev. "MBA"
Duration: 4 semesters

The program is scheduled to begin in October 2016

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