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Personal Development: Insurance

Program Objective
The program aims to convey practical knowledge, new information and recent developments in the field of insurance.

The program explores the fields of Risk Management, Insurance Law and Insurance Business Management in depth. Program participants will also learn base-knowledge concepts in business and economics and acquire insight into current correlations to the area of insurance. Additional key areas of focus include divisional customers, insurance brokering, capital markets, insurance specific accounting practices, finance and taxation.

Admission Requirements:
(1) Prerequisites to apply:

  • Students and graduates from a corresponding major who wish to supplement their degree program by participating in a personal development program,
  • Graduates from general and vocational secondary school who wish to pursue a career in the insurance industry and have already acquired professional experience,
  • Those who have successfully completed the teaching program "Versicherungskauffrau/Versicherungskaufmann",
  • Persons who work professionally in the field of addressing questions in the insurance industry and who have many years of work experience.

(2) More qualified applicants in the field will be given preference. The final decision will be rendered by the Vice Rector of Teaching upon recommendation of the program’s Academic Director.

(3) In order to begin a new program, a minimum number of participants is required. Admission will become official once the minimum number has been attainedm.

Program: Post-Graduate Degree Program in Insurance
Degree Awarded: "Akademische Versicherungskauffrau bzw. Akademischer Versicherungskaufmann"
Duration: 3 semesters

The next program is scheduled to begin on October 5, 2017

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