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Personal Development Program: Financial Services

Program Objective:
The program aims primarily on conveying practical knowledge as well as continual education in the defined area of study.

The program focuses on knowledge in the areas of insurance, capital markets and financial instruments. Participants will also learn base knowledge business administration and economics as well as obtain insight into their current financial correlations.

Admission Requirements:
Those eligible to enroll in the program include:
- Students and graduates in a subject related major who wish to supplement their academic degrees by completing this program,
- High school graduates (Matura diploma) from general or vocational higher level schools pursuing a professional career in insurance and who have corresponding professional work experience,
- Trained insurance brokers who have successfully completed their program in Insurance,
- Employees involved in fields of insurance and/or financial services with many years of professional work experience,
- graduates of an Austrian academic program in Insurance.

Program: Financial Services
Degree Awarded: Akademische Finanzdienstleisterin bzw. Akademischer Finanzdienstleister (Academic Financial Service Provider)
Length: 3 semesters

New program begins: no more program scheduled