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Personal Development Program Financial Management

Program Objectives
The post graduate degree program in Financial Management aims to convey practice relevant base knowledge in the fields of corporate finance and banking. Graduates of the program working in management or as specialists at mid-size businesses, banks, insurance companies, will be in a position to independently assess and make sound decisions in financial management.

Prospective students for the program include:
1. Employees at businesses who have subject related educational requirements/work experience,
2. Employees at banks and insurance companies as well as
3. Independent business owners and consultants in subject related areas.

The program incorporates didactic teaching methods aimed to closely link theory with practical applications so that material learned during the program can be applied directly to real-world business situations.

Admission Requirements:
(1) Applicants applying to the program must show proof of eligibility to enroll at a university and/or corresponding professional work experience in the field.
(2) Higher qualified applicants will be given preference. The decision will be rendered by the Vice Rector or Teaching upon recommendation by the program’s Academic Director.
(3) In order to begin a new program, a minimum number of participants is required. Admission will become official once the minimum number has been attained.

Post Graduate Program: Financial Management
Degree Awarded: “Akademischer Finanzmanager bzw. Akademische Finanzmanagerin” (Academic Financial Manager)
Duration: 3 semesters

New program begins: October 2016

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