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Graduate Program: Mediation and Conflict Management

Program Objective
During the past two decades, mediation and conflict resolution has gained in popularity, recognition and importance, embedding itself more and more within European culture. Mediation and conflict management is a type of alternative dispute resolution becoming more accepted in German-speaking Europe with more possiblities to study and become certified in this field and in many other areas. Dispute conflict resolution has been successfully practiced in cases of family and partner conflicts, divorce situations, business conflicts as well as conflicts in schools, environmental conflicts and international conflicts and disputes. This area represents a pioneering model in the culture of conflict.

The growing need and socio-political relevance for professionally educated mediators is reflected by the establishment of accredited academic degree programs.

Many new social, business, political, and private disputes and a new understanding of judiciary tasks in an enlightened democracy are creating a higher demand for dispute resolution models as well as a demand for well-trained mediators who are able to personally adjust to the diverse demands and to the professional business standards of the corresponding educational model. The Austrian legislation has responded to these demands in principle by establishing the provisions of "ZivMediat-AV 2004 (BGBl. II 47/2004)".

The academic post-graduate degree program in "Mediation and Conflict Management" offers a basic standardized skill set to practice mediation and the opportunity to focus on and discuss theoretical and practical interdisciplinary content pertaining to mediation at an academic level. Students can further develop their personal negotiation skills in a process oriented way.

Internationally experienced faculty members teach in the academic post-graduate degree program in "Mediation and Conflict Management" and convey theoretical content and hands-on methods on a professional and practical academic level. The program offers additional qualifications on an academic level to supplement many future fields of study. The program is aimed at

  1. University graduates (particularly those with law or business degrees), graduates of universities of applied sciences, teacher training academies as well as teacher training colleges; executives in business, administration or government;
  2. Representatives from different professional fields who have a base education in psychosocial fields (social work, training, coaching, consulting) and/or advisory functions in business (management consulting, human resources development or organizational development).

The academic post-graduate degree program in Mediation and Conflict Management is a part-time module program providing continual development and process-oriented group support. Many people in various professional fields acquire an interesting and future-oriented supplementary qualification and are officially registered in the list of mediators administered by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice.

Admission Requirements:
(1) Applicants applying for admission to the program must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma degree or a comparable degree program.
(2) Applicants who do not meet the academic prerequisites as stated in Sec. 1 may be admitted if open spots are available in the program and if the applicant can show documented proof of comparable qualifications such as sufficent professional work experience in the field (including unfinished studies and/or short continual education programs).

Program: Post-Graduate Degree Program Mediation and Conflict Management
DegreeAwarded: "Professional Master of Mediation", abbrev. "PMM"
Duration: 4 semester

The next program will begin in October 2018
Information Session: October 13, 2017 and March 16, 2018, 7:00 PM at WIFI Linz