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Graduate Program: Clinical Research

Program Objectives:
This post graduate degree program serves to support and advance management level skills as well as provide continuing education for those in middle management at health service institutions and in the pharmaceutical industry. This part-time, four-semester program is comprised of 67 ECTS credits which cover the following modules:
- Methodology skills - applied clinical research
- Ethics and law
- Base knowledge in medicine
- Biostatistics/epidemiology
- Communications
- Basics of pharmacology

Admission Requirements:
Applicants to the program must have successfully completed a Bachelor's, Master's, or Diploma degree program, or Ph.D. degree, or have successfully completed a comparable academic degree program. In some instances, applicants with documented proof of long-term professional experience in the field may also be accepted to the program.

Post Graduate Program: Clinical Research
Degree Awarded: Professional Master of Science (Clinical Research) (PMSc)
Length: 4 semesters

New program begins: Oktober 2017

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