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Graduate Program: Energy Management Law-Engineering-Business

This post graduate program looks at changes in energy management from various perspectives while also providing students with a theoretical and hands-on education that has real-world applications.
1. Legal Perspective: understanding how laws on energy are fundamentally embedded in a country's system and understanding state-owned procedures, traits found in both Austrian and European energy laws and key issues associated with energy laws, how to analyze legal questions pertaining to energy law.
2. Engineering Perspective: Required base knowledge of chemistry, electrical engineering, physics, mechanics, materials science, and ecology in order to understand energy-technical issues, understand opportunities and risks pertaining to various energy producing technologies (from the planning stages to shutdown/disposal), and look at energy economics in a systematic correlation.
3. Business Perspective: Understanding macroeconomic and environmental economic correlations, analyzing the roles of individual energy carriers in a macroeconomic context, interpreting European and international energy policies and legal, economic perspectives, implementing risk management for energy carriers (securing prices and risks), and applying business knowledge to issues pertaining to management accounting procedures as applied to energy.

Graduates of the program are university graduates, have leading positions at energy companies, hold responsibilities regarding energy issues at middle and large companies as well as related areas at public institutions and associations, in politics and administration, are members of research facilities, business consultants, trainees at energy producing, distribution, and sales companies.

Admission Requirements
(1) Applicants must have successfully completed a Bachelor's, Master's, or Diploma degree in a related field (or have completed a comparable degree), or have at least two years of professional experience in the field.
(2) For admission without the above stated academic credentials, comparable qualifications are required. Admitted participants who have comparable qualifications make only make up half of the total number of admitted students.
(3) Applicants with higher and/or professional experience will be given preference. The decision will be rendered by the Vice Rector of Teaching based on a recommendation submitted by the program's Academic Director.
(4) In order to start a new program, a minimum number of participants is required. Admission is official once the minimum number has been attained.

Post Graduate Program: Energy Management Law-Engineering-Business
Degree Awarded: Professional Master of Science (Energy Management)
Program Length: 3 semesters

A new program is scheduled to begin in October 2017

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