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Graduate Program in Health Care Management

Program Objective
The graduate program in Health Care Management aims to provide medical professionals and business executives with in-depth knowledge and skills in business, economics and law in order to become an effective leader and a key player in meeting the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving, dynamic healthcare market.

The graduate program in Health Care Management has been designed especially for: professionals and supervisors/management in the healthcare sector, such as physicians, senior nurses, administrative staff who have budget and personnel responsibilities, as well as other professional groups who exercise managerial responsibility. The program expands on the student’s first degree by providing structured, in-depth instruction that focuses on healthcare management.

The teaching objective incorporates didactic methods, particularly the use of deductive and inductive teaching methods as well as corresponding independent study components in support of a high quality degree program designed for working professionals .

Admission Requirements
(1) Applicants seeking admission to the program must have successfully completed a Bachelor, Master's, or Diploma degree program in medicine, nursing, law, business administration, or a comparable and equivalent academic degree program, and must have a minimum of four years of solid professional work experience.

(2) If space in the program is available, applicants who do not have the required qualifications for admission in accordance with (1), but can show documented proof of a minimum of 10 years of solid professional work experience, and - in regards to his/her professional career - experience and accomplishments (including incomplete studies and continuing education courses of marginal length) may be considered for admission.

(3)The percentage of persons mentioned in (2) may not make up more than 50% of the total number of program participants.

(4) Higher qualified candidates will be given preference. Upon recommendation of the program's Academic Director, the Vice Rector of Teaching will render the final decision regarding admission to the program.

(5) The start of a new program is contingent on a minimum number of admitted participants. Admission will become official when the minimum number of participants is attained.

Degree Program: Post-Graduate Program in Health Care Management
Degree Awarded: "Master of Business Administration", abbrev. "MBA"
Program Length: 4 semesters

The next program is scheduled to begin on September 2, 2016.

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