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Graduate Program: Management and Leadership for Women

Program Objectives
Career advancement for women is a controversial, ever-present topic in today’s society and there seem to be few structured approaches to facilitate goals to attain career advancement. Political discussions aimed at how to increase the number of women in high level management positions at Austrian companies always seems to refer back to measures implemented in Norway. In order to increase of the number of women in high level management positions, applicants need to show a corresponding level of top qualifications and professional work experience. This management program has been designed specifically for women to focus on today’s thematic business and management issues.

The program is aimed at women in upper level management positions who have a high potential of career advancement in various areas of business. Program objectives include:

  1. The curriculum has been designed to support the participants' knowledge and expertise and how to meet the current challenges and needs within an organization.
  2. Strengthen exisiting skills at various levels and acquiring diverse skills to qualify for career advancement to middle and top management positions.
  3. Providing support for program participants in how to effectively plan and advance their respective professional career in management.
  4. Partner firms provide unique opportunituies for program participants to strengthen their potential and introduce their skills to the company.

The program links academic theory with practical application. Using systematic correlation, thematic areas are methodically combined with course content.

(1) Applicants must have succesfully completed a Bachelor, Master's or Diploma degree program, or a comparable and equivalent program of study, and prove a minimum of two years of professional work experience.

(2) If space in the program is available, applicants who do not have the required academic qualifications as stated in (1) but who can show a minimum of 4 years of solid work experience in regards to a professional career and personal achievement (even incomplete studies and or a post-graduate program of marginal length) may be considered for admission.

(3) The percentage of those from (2) may not make up more than 50% of the total number of program participants.

(4) The more qualified applicants will be given preference. The decision will be rendered by the Vice Rector of Teaching upon recommendation of the program's Academic Director.

(5) The start of a new program is contingent on a minimum number of admitted participants. Admission will become official when the minimum number of participants is attained.

Post-Graduate Degree Program: Management and Leadership for Women
Degree Awarded: "Master of Business Administration", abbrev. "MBA"
Duration: 4 semesters

A new program is scheduled to begin in NOVEMBER 2018
Information Sessions: October 24, 2017, May 24 and September 20, 2018; 6:30 to 8:00 PM at the Wissensturm (Seminar Rm. 15.04)