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Mission Statement of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business

Mission Statement of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business

Our Position

Upper Austria, located within the European Union, is an economically dynamic region.
The high quality of research and education at the university has had an undeniable influence in defining the region’s success and the Johannes Kepler University has played a key role in the development of the Upper Austrian economy.
The university’s contributions are important and valuable to regional development, focusing on international development.

The Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business has created a center of academic research and education that combines business theory with hands-on experience.
In the areas of economic and social development, the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business provides students with the leadership skills and education necessary to seek out and find solutions to complex societal issues and economic concerns.


Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business at JKU
Our Goals and Objectives

  • Strengthening and developing base knowledge and applied research in the framework of domestic and international cooperation of the highest level
  • Continual development of research-based studies and education courses that appeal to students didactically, methodically, in form and content within the region as well as beyond the borders.
  • Systematic support and advancement of young academics in science
  • Creating points of reference for recognized standards of quality and grasping societal support in research and education
  • Improving the transfer process to the public

Duties and Responsibilities

Research and Education

Innovative and application oriented research creates a synergy effect that leads to internationally recognized results and contributes greatly to prestigiousness within the Upper Austrian economy.
The program of study in the area of Business Informatics, for example, is a renowned example.

Interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge between the areas of study and research at the Faculty of Business as well as cooperation with other faculties ensures mutual and reciprocal exchange of innovative impulses and accelerates the development of new, practice relevant areas of study in business, industry and society.

The rapid implementation of available, current knowledge and the transfer of current scientific research results in the education process provide essential scientific impulses which have positive effects on the labor market.

Graduates of the Business School are innovators in various areas of business and society.
The programs of study offered at the Business School are supported by a responsible professional policy that serves to support and develop the creative potential of faculty and students.
Instruction and training in various areas of social competence skills prepare graduates for the challenges in their careers and convey essential skills and capabilities necessary to examine and solve future problems.
Equal opportunity is a fundamental basis for human resource and research political decisions.

Areas of Study

Diploma Studies

Objectives and content of current and new diploma areas of study (Magister degree):

Development of a practice-oriented skills in applied problem solving
  • creative, innovative and critical reflection of problem-solving
  • based on professional and competent base knowledge
  • with the ability to think using both multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary skills, quickly comprehend essential information, and process new information independently and systematically
In-Depth Studies by means of Project Study courses
  • Cooperation with companies, organizations, private / public institutions and social partners with the goal to create a “modelling process” to link theory and practical application as well to reflect on applied learning to obtain better use and implement scientific research results
Support of Study Abroad and Student Exchange Programs
  • language learning through intercultural and international contact
  • personal experiences through international cooperation
  • international exchange of knowledge and information in all disciplines of business administration
Instruction and Training to Acquire Competency in areas of Knowledge Acquisition
  • Implementing new multi-media techniques (i.e. E-learning and Distance Learning Programs)
Best utilization of the most current and didactic resources
Creating interdisciplinary competency centers
  • Establishing areas of interlinked subject and content matter as well as creative and innovative cooperation within the Faculty and university.

Doctoral Programs

Continued education based on material covered during diploma studies, studies in the doctorate program include the following content and program objectives:

  • Education and personal development of scientific young academics
  • Ensuring internationalization in research and education
  • Continual development of the attractiveness of Upper Austria in domestic and international comparisons
  • Ensuring the status of the university as an educational establishment in domestic and international comparison through research and education in the area of business administration