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Technik studieren an der JKU

Technik studieren an der JKU

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Universitätslehrgang Postgraduate Studium Informatics: Engineering & Management

This two-year Master‘s degree program (120 ECTS credits) was designed in compliance with the Bologna Agreement model. Applicants are required to have a BSc degree in Computer Science, or have completed a degree in a comparable subject. Graduates of the program will be awarded with a Master of Science degree. Admission to the second year of the program (the “specialization“ year) will be granted to students who have already completed one year (60 ECTS credit) of a Master‘s degree program, or to those who have completed a four-year Bachelor's degree program of European pre-Bologna standard. All classes are held in English. Students can choose to specialize in many different areas (see the homepages of the institutes for Computer Science and Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University). During the program's specialization year, each student usually organizes an internship or pursues cooperation with an Austrian company or research institution. Fellowships and grants may be available.

Lehrgang/program: Universitätslehrgang Postgraduate Studium Informatics: Engineering & Management
Abschluss/degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Dauer/duration: 4 Semester

nächster geplanter Lehrgangsstart: 01. September 2016

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