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Information for First-Year Female Students at the TN

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Preparation Courses for First-Year Students in Engineering, Natural Sciences and Business Informatics

During the winter term 2008/2009, the JKU will offer the following preparation courses:

  • Mathematics
  • General Fundamentals of Physics for Electrical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Applied Programming Skills

These preparation courses (Vorkurse) provide first-semester students with an in-depth review of course material from secondary school subjects and an opportunity to better anticipate course material during initial introductory lectures in their major fields of study. First-year students without programming experience will learn the basics with which to successfully master the courses in programming.

There is no additional teaching material taught from part of the university education program.

Participation is voluntary and courses are open only first-semester students at JKU. Please register under KUSSS System (Kepler University Study Support System) after you have been accepted to a major field of study.

The preparation courses are free of charge.

Dates and Times:

Preparation Courses

Target Group

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First semester students majoring in study programs within the Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty and Buiness Informatics especially designed for Mechatronics, Information Electronics and Informatics

14 Sept. - 18 Sept. 2009

17 Aug. -
18 Sept. 2009

General Physics Fundamentals for Electrical Engineering/Mechanics

First semester students and beginners of Mechatronics and Information Electronics

21 Sept. - 25 Sept. 2009

17 Aug. -
25 Sept. 2009


First semester students and those beginning studies in Engineering and Natural Sciences programs and Business Informaticsespecially those in Technical Mathematics, Engineering Physics and for Education Majors in TN Faculty (Chemistry, Informatics/Informatics Management, Mathematics, Physics)

21 Sept. - 25 Sept. 2009

17 Aug. -
25 Sept. 2009

Applied Programming Skills

First semester students and those beginning studies in Engineering and Natural Sciences programsespecially in Informatics, Information Electronics and Mechatronics as well as Business Informatics NO PROGRAMMING SKILLS ARE REQUIRED

28 Sept. - 2 Oct. 2009

17 Aug. -
24 Sept. 2009

Download Folder of Preparation Courses - German only

Organization und Coordination:
Mag.a Irmgard Wörtl, E-mail: irmgard.woertl(/\t)