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TN - The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Excellence in Research and Education

To a great extent, our standard of living depends on continual advancement in engineering and technical sciences. Change, transition, growth and progression constantly shaped our future. For almost 50 years, the Johannes Kepler University has offered degree programs and organized research projects in various technical disciplines, playing an ongoing and instrumental role in shaping our future. The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences not only pursues and supports distinguished international research and developmental cooperation, but also focuses on hands-on, real world applications designed for use in industry and business.

Many dilemmas found in business and industry can be addressed by applying scientific techniques and methods such as innovative approaches in support of resolving problems; this has been an important and essential contribution to Upper Austria as a location of business and industry. An extensive and significant amount of publications have documented our scientific achievements, research contracts and assignments, projects sponsored and supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the European Union (EU), special research fields and dissertations. By establishing competency centers such as the Christian Doppler laboratories, as well as spin-off companies, the TN Faculty has become an internationally appreciated partner for technologically focused corporations.

Research conducted at the institutes at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences is characterized by having an interdisciplinary nature, finding innovative technical solutions, conducting modern, cutting-edge research & development as well as having modern alignment. Divided into five main technical disciplines, the institutes focus on both base-knowledge and application-oriented research.


The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences offers innovative, top quality academic degree programs in an intellectually stimulating environment (such as at the new, state-of-the-art JKU Science Park). Graduates possess an outstanding educational background which serves as the perfect starting point to pursue a career in today’s job market. Many academic degree programs offered by the TN Faculty are on the cutting edge of science and technology, providing both base-knowledge educational theory as well as important, hands-on experience in cooperation with regional, national and international companies and corporations.

Women in particular are highly encouraged to pursue academic degree programs at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

As a special service, new and already enrolled students can take part in preparation courses designed to provide students with a successful start in their chosen field of study.

The technical-scientific and engineering programs of study guarantee practice-oriented, progressive education and training in many different fields:

  • The unique curriculum for the Mechatronics program is one-of-a-kind in Austria, combining electrical engineering, computer sciences, and mechanical engineering. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
  • The Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Electronics and Information Technology (formerly known as Information Electronics) provide a broad education in the fields of electrical engineering, computer sciences, physics, and mathematics. The program's core basis focuses on electronics but includes fields that are important in today's electronic information processing systems, such as software development and signal processing.
  • Students holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences may choose to complete an English-language Master's degree programs in Computer Sciences. Students can opt to specialize in Computational Engineering, Intelligent Information Systems, Networks and Security, Pervasive Computing, and Software Engineering.
  • The interdisciplinary, cross-border English-language Bachelor's degree program in Bioinformatics is offered together with the University of Southern Bohemia. Students earn degrees from both universities. The Master's degree program in this relatively new area of research provides in-depth education in life sciences and computer sciences.
  • The cutting-edge degree program Polymer Engineering Technologies combines polymer processing, polymer chemistry and mechatronics. After completing an undergraduate degree, students can enroll in a graduate degree program Polymer Technologies and Science or Management in Polymer Technologies.
  • Academic degree programs in Technical Chemistry provide a broad understanding of production processes and the quality characteristics of new substances and materials. After the successful completion of a Bachelor's degree program, students can continue their studies by pursuing a Master's degree in Technical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry or Industrial and Chemical Engineering (WiTech). The JKU is the only Austrian university to offer Industrial and Chemical Engineering (WiTech) which combines engineering expertise with social and business skills.
  • The Biochemistry degree program is offered entirely in English. This program was created in cooperation between the TNF Faculty at the JKU and the University of Budweis in the Czech Republic. The program focuses on chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and biophysics.
  • The degree program Molecular Biology is offered in cooperation with the University of Salzburg and is especially tailored to students seeking a career in pharmaceutical research, biomedical research or in bioanalytics and environmental analytics.
  • After completing a Bachelor's degree in Technical Physics, students can choose from a Master's degree program in Technical Physics, Biophysics or Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
  • After successful completion of the Bachelor's degree program in Technical Mathematics, students can select to enroll in one of the three following Master's degree programs: Mathematics in the Natural Sciences, Industrial Mathematics and Computational Mathematics.
  • Regionally teamed up under the name "Österreich Mitte", the Teacher Education Program for Secondary Level Schools will begin in the 2016 /2017 academic year. Conducted together with other universities in Upper Austria and Salzburg, the Bachelor/Master's degree program offers a variety of subject combinations and enables students to teach at NMS schools, polytechnic schools, special education schools as well as AHS and BMHS schools (general education subjects) .
  • Graduates of a Diploma degree program or a Master's degree program at the TN Faculty may enroll in a Doctorate Degree Program in Engineering Sciences or a Doctorate Degree Program in Natural Sciences, providing graduates with career opportunities in scientific research at universities and research institutions as well as pursuing management positions at companies and industrial corporations.