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Pre-Registration for Enrollment

Beschreibung: Here you will find information on how to pre-register for studies that have an admission procedure and studies that do not have an admission procedure.

Please note that the online pre-registration procedure does not replace the application process for students who have an international educational background. See: for detailed information.

How to Complete the Online Pre-Registration/Apply for the Admission Procedure

1. Personal Information

Please enter your personal information here and provide a valid e-mail address as important information in regards to admission will be sent to the address you enter. Do not forget to agree to the terms of use.

After you have completed the form, you will see a button to request a confirmation code (="Bestätigungscode zusenden"). After you have clicked on the button and submitted the form, a confirmation code will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. You can then continue the procedure.

Please Note: Those who have already completed the pre-registration procedure can skip this step and register for a major at:

2. Selecting a Major

You will receive an e-mail containing your password as well as a link to various registration forms for different majors. Select the correct form for the degree program you wish to enroll in. You must enter your e-mail address and confirmation code in order to register.
You must register using your e-mail address and confirmation code.
Select your intended major and degree program, enter your educational qualifications and, if applying to an Austrian university for the first time - please answer the questions for statistical purposes. At this time, you may also upload a photo to be used for your KeplerCard.

3. Completing Registration

Once you have completed the form indicating your intended degree program, please submit the form. Applicants wishing to enroll in the Bachelor's degree program in Human Medicine will be requested to pay an administrative fee at this time.

After submitting the form, you will receive a pre-registration (identification number) per e-mail. Please bring this number with you to complete the admissions procedure at the university and to the written entrance examination. Please also bring all required documents.

Now What?

The next steps depend on whether the degree program you intend to enroll in has an additional admissions procedure or not. This will determine what the next steps are.

Please note that you will not be officially enrolled at the university until you have completed the admissions procedure in person at the Admissions Office on campus.

Degree Programs without an Admission Procedure:

Please come to the Admissions Office at the Johannes Kepler University Linz during the corresponding admission and registration period and present all required documentation, a valid passport, and your e-Card. See for more information on what required documents to bring.

Degree Programs with an Admission Procedure:

Click here for more information on degree programs with an admission procedure.

We strongly recommend learning more about admission requirements before the semester begins.

There are different dates and deadlines for admission and admission procedures. Click here for more information.

Important Information

Online pre-registration serves to collect initial information as well as register for an admission procedure (if it applies to the degree program you are interested in). This does not replace coming to the Admissions Office in person to complete the enrollment process!

Admission to Additional Degree Programs for Already Enrolled Students at the JKU Linz / Continuing a Degree Program

Students already enrolled - or previously enrolled - at the JKU Linz are required to only complete the online pre-registration procedure if he/she would like to double major in a degree program that has an additional admissions procedure. As there are exemptions for currently enrolled/formerly enrolled students, please contact the Admissions Office at the JKU Linz in timely manner.

Students wishing to declare an additional major for a degree program that has no additional entrance requirements can come to the Admissions Office during the corresponding admission and registration deadline to declare additional majors.

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  • Dates and Deadlines:
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