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How does credit transfer / course recognition work?

The StEOP requirements can be partially or fully met through credit transfer/recognition.
In this regard, please see: "Requirements to Complete the StEOP Program"

In regards to open StEOP examinations, the only examinations that can be approved for credit transfer/recognition are those that are a part of the StEOP program or listed in the curriculum as an additional course that can be completed before completing the StEOP program

Click here for detailed information about the StEOP requirements.

Who is not subject to the StEOP requirements?
Where can I see the StEOP requirements pertaining to my major(s)?
In regards to completing the StEOP requirements, does it matter under what major I completed a course/examination for??
What is the timeframe to complete the StEOP requirements??
How does credit transfer/course recognition work?
What do I need to be aware of when adding an additional major or changing from a non-degree seeking program to a degree-seeking program?
I am enrolled in the multi-media JUS Diploma degree program. What do I need to be aware of?