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Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase (StEOP)

In accordance with current regulations (§ 66 Austrian Universities Act 2002, in the currently valid version), students beginning a Bachelor's or Diploma degree program must successfully complete Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase (= (StEOP) Studieneingangs- und Orientierungsphase). (StEOP does not apply to the Bachelor's degree program in Medicine).

Required StEOP courses for each major offered at the JKU Linz are available in your curriculum.

After choosing a major, go to "Curriculum" in the left side of the menu bar to view the current required courses, including the StEOP requirements for new students starting studies beginning WS 2017/2018.

The curricula for all majors offered at the JKU Linz can be found at:

Transitional Period

Students admitted to studies before WS 2017/2018 and who have not yet successfully completed StEOP requirements by September 30, 2018 are subject to completing StEOP requirements under the new regulations.

Please also see our FAQ section: Where can I see the StEOP Requirements pertaining to my major(s)?

Admissing beg. WS 2017/2018 (Bachelor's or Diploma Degree Program)

Admission beg. WS 2011/2012 to SS 2017 (Bachelor's or Diploma Degree Program)

Admission before WS 2011/2012 (Bachelor's or Diploma Degree Program)

Provisions to complete the StEOP Requirements

Provisions pertaining to signing up for examinations for (course) examinations as part of the StEOP Requirements

FAQs about the StEOP Requirements

Admission beg. WS 2017/2018 (Bachelor's/Diploma Degree Program)

A number of degree programs are currently revising their StEOP requirements. Some programs are raising the cap for additional courses to be completed before completing the StEOP requirements. This means that for these majors, further, additional required courses can only be completed up to a certain limit of ECTS credits as long as the StEOP requirements have not been completed. Click here for detailed information.

Requirements for Students Admitted Beginning Winter Semester 2011/2012 to SS 2017 (Bachelor's or Diploma Degree Program)

In addition to courses specified in the curriculum, students can take additional courses before completing the required StEOP courses..
See: Additional Courses That May Be Taken

Students may only complete additional courses after successfully completing the "StEOP" section of the program.

The following exceptions pertain to students majoring in

• Bachelor's Degree Program Business Informatics
• Bachelor's Degree Program Statistics
• Bachelor's Degree Program Molecular Bio-Sciences
• Bachelor's Degree Program Technical Mathematics
• Diploma Degree Program Teacher Education Studies

You can complete additional courses before completing the StEOP requirements however, course grades will only be official after successfully passing all StEOP requirements.

Note: Final certificates of completion (to submit to authorities or for official use) can only be issued once the student has successfully completed all requirements/examinations.

Regulations for Students Admitted Before Winter Semester 2011/2012 (Bachelor's or Diploma degree program)

Students admitted before Winter Semester 2011/2012 are not subject to completing StEOP requirements.

Regulations After Completion of the StEOP Courses

The KUSSS system checks daily to see if all courses/examinations required to successfully complete the StEOP portion of the program have been completed and a final grade has been entered in KUSSS. Completion of the StEOP requirements are then automatically considered completed.

In individual cases (such as credit transfer), completion of the StEOP portion of the program may not occur automatically, even though all required final courses/examination grades in fulfillment of StEOP requirements are available. In this case, please send an e-mail to our Dept. of Examination and Recognition Services

Team Law: pruefung-re(/\t)
Team Business and Economics: oder pruefung-sowi(/\t)
Team Engineering and Natural Sciences: oder pruefung-tn(/\t)
Team Business Administration: or pruefung-wiwi(/\t)

Note: Several majors that contain StEOP requirements as part of the program require that the final StEOP course/examination grades be available. The StEOP requirements can only be considered satisfied after the major number has been changed and/or credit transfer has been approved. In this case, please contact the Dept. of Examination and Recognition Services

Regulations in Regards to Taking StEOP Examinations (courses/examination) as Part of the StEOP Requirements

Students may only repeat StEOP (courses)/examinations three times (=4 attempts).

Students who fail the last attempt at passing a required examination in the StEOP program as outlined in the curriculum will be disenrolled from the university. Students can only reapply for admission at least three semesters after being disenrolled. Students may only apply for re-admission twice.

FAQs about StEOP