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Why Should I Study At JKU?

Linz is one of the best locations to pursue an academic degree due to the number of innovative companies located in close proximity in and around the province of Upper Austria. During your studies, close contacts and ties to industry and businesses can be established.
The JKU is one of Austria’s youngest universities (founded in 1966) and a future-oriented institution of higher learning. The university recognizes important, cutting edge trends and has created new, contemporary curricula of degree programs for students. Numerous institutes collaborate with large industrial businesses as well as small and medium-sized companies. These cooperation efforts have produced a synergy effect which continue to benefit both faculty and students.
The largest faculty at the JKU is the only one in the nation that offers a full spectrum of courses in social and economic sciences.

Courses offered yesterday at the JKU were the future: as one of the few universities in Europe, the JKU has a setting for virtual worlds and was the first Austrian university to introduce a wireless campus. Via laptops and notebooks, students have easy access to our local network which supports research and education. Modern information and communication technologies can assist in managing a student's workload.

The JKU operates one of the most modern and manageable campuses in Austria and has become a place for students, faculty and staff alike to study, communicate and engage in discussion. There is no “mass university”; our central focus is individual mentoring.