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In and Around Linz

Where is the coolest skate park in the city?
What is special and unique about shopping in Linz?
How do people in Linz live and why make a point to be at the Landstraße at 11:00 on a Friday?

Video clips, animated shorts, photo collages and additional materials come together to create a sophisticated, naturalistic, and very personable impression of life in and around Linz. The site “About JKU” takes a closer, detailed look at historical traditions such as the 100th anniversary of the Pöstlingberg Railway, provides a panoramic view of Linz from the Franz-Josef station, visits the occupants of the Lentia building, takes an in-depth look at every day student life at the Raabheim, and sheds light on the infrastructural and city-scape structures.

Additional information on life in Linz, recreational activities and cultural institutions in and around Linz can be found at the following websites: